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£3.20 For Smart Water? West Ham Slammed Over Ridiculous Pricing of Matchday Food at London Stadium

£3.20 For Smart Water? West Ham Slammed Over Ridiculous Pricing of Matchday Food at London Stadium

Someone call the police because West Ham United has now committed a daylight robbery.

Going into the new Premier League season, the Hammers have made some changes in the London stadium. And no, these exorbitant changes are nowhere related to the architecture of the ground but will surely put a dent in the pockets of the fans who visit on match days.

Fans love to cheer their team while having a cold one in their hands, but West Ham has now made it nearly impossible for fans of limited means to get hold of their drinks at the London stadium. For them, a match day without having a beer would be unnatural.

A recent Twitter post exposed the new prices of the beers at the London Stadium and the unreasonably high prices sent shivers down the spine of the fans. They did not expect the Hammers to increase the price to such an extensive amount where half a pint would cost £3.70 at the minimum and expect people to pay £4.50 for a bottle of coke. 

The average price for a pint of Heineken across the United Kingdom varies between £3 to £6 but here at the home of the Hammers, it will cost you £7.60. To make matters more miserable for the fans, the club has also enforced the system of cashless payments only. So one needs to carry multiple cards just to ensure that he gets a drink at the stadium.

These excessively high prices have now left the fans scouring for options near and around the stadium. They are adamant about not spending their money on the drinks available at the London Stadium and judiciously use it by having more pints outside at some local bars.

Nevertheless, the reactions were furious and if given a chance, the fans will surely boycott the bar at the stadium.

Even though some hoped that if you do not buy, it will leave them with no option but to revise the prices. But these optimists were reminded that it would be almost next to impossible to enjoy the match without a pint at halftime. 

The prices will certainly remain high for some time but David Moyes’ men need to ensure that the unnecessarily high prices are justified by a higher standard of performance on the football pitch. Otherwise, it will be pure rebellion from the fans.