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Look: Arsenal Superfan Chunkz Ruffles Feathers By Doing Hammers Sign

Look: Arsenal Superfan Chunkz Ruffles Feathers By Doing Hammers Sign

Arsenal received a bitter dose of reality check as they ended up suffering a loss to London rivals West Ham United in their final home game of 2023 in the Premier League.

The game was labelled as the ‘Declan Rice derby’ because it was the Englishman’s first clash against the Hammers since moving to North London in the summer.

Rice couldn’t really influence anything major for the Gunners, capping off a solid defensive effort by giving away a late penalty that was saved by David Raya.

There was controversy in the game in regards to the ball possibly going out of play before West Ham’s opener.

With that being said, Arsenal still created many, many chances and had over 70 touches of the ball in the West Ham box. However, they horribly lacked their finishing quality and were made to pay in the end.

A lot of Arsenal fans ended up walking out of the Emirates Stadium towards the end, but one who stuck was influencer Amin Mohamed aka Chunkz.

A popular YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers, Chunkz has gained a reputation for being a hardcore Gooner and even interacted with Arsenal players in the past few years

However, Chunkz seemingly committed the cardinal sin of celebrating West Ham’s win with his mates after that loss at the Emirates Stadium.

He posted a picture after the game of himself doing the Hammers iconic ‘hammer sign’ with his friends with the quote ‘There’s no rules, COYi’s (Come On You Irons)’.

This shocked a lot of Arsenal fans, especially considering how loyal the British YouTuber has been in regard to his devotion towards the Gunners.

Some accused him of selling his loyalty to his favourite club by showcasing his support for a team that is actually long-term local rivals for the North London heavyweights.

For many, this act was especially bewildering considering how close Chunkz is to the Arsenal authorities and PR team as well.

In fact, his face is even imprinted in the new artwork outside the Emirates Stadium.

After coming under heavy criticism on social media, the influencer was forced to clarify what caused him to do the Hammers sign and make that post on his Instagram.

He took to Twitter to explain and tweeted: “LOL I LOST A BET, pls gooners don’t abandon me.”

Well, coming from the man himself, it appeared that Chunkz was forced into doing that sign by his friends after the game.

He was probably so confident of an Arsenal win that he made a bet promising to showcase his love for West Ham if they won, which actually ended up happening as well.

Whether one wants to believe this explanation is, of course, up to them.

However, after this strange act, Arsenal’s PR team will probably think twice before featuring Chunkz in any of their official content going forward.