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Watch: Frank Lampard and Gary Neville gang up on Tottenham in ‘The Overlap’

Watch: Frank Lampard and Gary Neville gang up on Tottenham in ‘The Overlap’

Gary Neville has long retired from the game of football. Since hanging up his playing boots, he has joined Sky Sports and has made a decent career out of punditry.

The Overplay featuring Gary Neville is a new show brought out by Sky Network, wherein the former Manchester United right-back interviews personalities from the world of sports and beyond.

The show featured Frank Lampard in its latest edition, where Gary asked the former Chelsea legend 29 quick questions based on his career and life.

One of the questions posed and Frank’s subsequent answer seems to have sent the footballing community into fits of laughter at Tottenham’s expense.

Gary asked Frank which was his favourite away ground to play in, to which the latter responded with Tottenham, much to the chagrin of Spurs fans.

Frank goes on to add a few seconds later that he chose Tottenham Hotspur because “his team used to beat them a lot.” Gary chimed in, saying, ‘We all did!’ The two then can be seen bursting into laughter, with Gary offering a perfunctory apology to Tottenham fans thereafter.

Frank added further: “…Chelsea had a thing from before I came to the club where they called it ‘three-point lane’ rather than White Hart Lane.”

For the uninitiated, White Hart Lane was Tottenham’s former home ground before the team shifted their base to their current stadium named the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Coming back to the point Frank made about beating Tottenham, statistics suggest Frank featured in 17 games across all competitions for Chelsea while playing against Tottenham on their home turf. They won 8 of those games and lost only 4 while securing draws in the remaining fixtures.

Certainly, not a bad record! But then again, not as resounding a record as it seemed from what Frank had to say. In any case, we don’t think he’d personally care too much about it now.