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McKennie and Chiellini discuss pizza in first viral footage from new Juventus doc

McKennie and Chiellini discuss pizza in first viral footage from new Juventus doc

The latest edition of Amazon’s famed documentary “All or Nothing” featuring Italian giants Juventus has been an instant hit amongst the fans, not unlike its predecessors.

The binge-worthy series contains a glut of intriguing scenes that give a fabulous insight into the internal happenings of the Bianconeri.

One particular segment that has piqued the interest of the public is the priceless exchange between midfielder Weston McKennie and Juventus skipper Giorgio Chiellini, over food preferences.

Sharing a meal across the table, Chiellini weighs in on his extreme fondness for Pasta which is unsurprising given the Italian descent of the dish. McKennie on the other hand was a staunch proponent of cookies, brownies and burgers.

The two then had a humorous discourse as Chiellini asked whether the midfielder fancied having Pizza. McKennie replied affirmatively to the enquiry but went on to add that his preferred topping is Ranch sauce, leaving his captain looking baffled.

The American then had to explain the concept of Ranch to the clueless Italian, but to no avail as the 37-year-old didn’t understand a word of the explanation and retorted “What are you saying to me?”, whilst cracking up.

Eavesdropping on McKennie’s bizarre choice of toppings, veteran goalie Gigi Buffon who was seated adjacently, chimed in saying: “I’m afraid of American dressing!” backing his Italian teammate.

The hilarity didn’t end there, as the centre-back carried the discussion forward at his own peril, asking McKennie if he liked coffee.

The youngster gave a negative response, but as if that wouldn’t suffice, brought his bowel movements into the dialogue saying “If I drink espresso, I sh*t myself.”, leaving his Juve seniors in splits.