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Giorgio Chiellini with a head bandage is football heritage

Giorgio Chiellini with a head bandage is football heritage

The sight of a bloodied, bruised Giorgio Chiellini donning on a hand bandage is essentially football heritage at this point.

The legendary Italian centre back is known for his warrior-like spirit, and his ability to soldier on for his team come hell or high water.

The Italian international is almost at the climax of his career, despite that, this characteristic of his is still as predominant as before.

And fans were treated to another instance of Chiellini keeping out the opposition despite sporting a bandage.

It all occurred in a Serie A classic between Juventus and Roma.

The two sides played out a thrilling game, which ended in a win for the Old Lady.

Juventus staged an incredible second-half comeback, turning the game on its head in the final 20 minutes.

This included scoring thrice in the space of 7 minutes, a complete bottling as far as Roma are considered.

Even after taking the lead, complications followed as Roma were handed a penalty and additionally Juventus went a man down.

Without a seconds’ hesitation, assistant manager Landucci sent on Chiellini to steady the ship.

The 37-year-old is often sent on late to make sure Juventus get home dry, and this followed suit.

Despite this being his first appearance since contracting COVID, the Italian evidently hadn’t lost a step, his addition in the defence made sure Juventus’ lead stayed intact.

Unfortunately, the Italian did pick up a scrape on his forehead after a collision with Lorenzo Pellegrini.

Of course, Chiellini remained unfazed and received the very familiar head bandage.

Fans online quickly took notice of Chiellini’s heroics on the night, and some even suggested that the bandage might just add to his defensive prowess.