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The moment Liverpool legend Steve Gerrard soaks up hostile reception from Old Trafford

The moment Liverpool legend Steve Gerrard soaks up hostile reception from Old Trafford

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is perhaps the biggest in English football.

The heavyweights stand as the most decorated football clubs in England, and it is only natural that the two are constantly at odds with each other.

Such is the animosity between the two that during national duties for England, players representing the two clubs would often sit at different tables.

As an extension, the fans as well share the same sentiment and often have a large distaste for opposition players.

It came as no surprise that recently appointed Aston Villa boss and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard was met with a hostile reception during Villa’s FA Cup fixture at Old Trafford.

Aside from all the damage Gerrard has caused United during his playing days, his comments about the Red Devils alone give enough of a reason for the jeering.

He made his opinion on United clear via these statements from his autobiography – “I had been taught to loathe Manchester United,”

“For more than 26 years, I’d always felt compelled to show fire towards them. They were the enemy.”

Putting all this in perspective, it’s safe to say that the booing is warranted at least from a United standpoint.

Nonetheless, the 41-year-old remained ice-cold despite getting heat from all around the stadium.

During his walkout from the tunnel to the Villa area, United fans quickly reminded him of their distaste.

Stevie G, on the other hand, looked unfazed, his stride filled with purpose, and sheer focus on his face.

The former England international soaked in the atmosphere and even turned around to face the 14,000 United fans seated in the iconic Stretford end.

The confrontational response drew even more heat from spectators within the stadium.

Despite that, Gerrard simply turned away and continued onward to his destination.