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Looks like Thiago Alcantara’s goal against Porto even made the buzz in Aston Villa training

Looks like Thiago Alcantara’s goal against Porto even made the buzz in Aston Villa training

Liverpool sits comfortably at the top of the ‘Group of Death,’ overcoming the likes of Atletico Madrid and AC Milan.

In their most recent Champions League outing at Anfield against FC Porto on matchday 5, the Reds secured another comfortable victory. However, a 2-0 victory doesn’t speak enough volume about the dominance with which Liverpool romped up FC Porto.

No doubt, the highlight of the match came at 52’ minutes when Thiago Alcantara opened the scoresheet with a brilliant long-range strike, to say the least. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s dreadful free-kick is cleared by Porto defenders, and the ball rolls straight to Thiago, who comes charging in from about 25 yards away.

With the outside of his boot, Thiago strikes the ball so cleanly that it seems to defy even gravity at one point, dipping towards the ground but rising again before finally swerving into the bottom corner.

Social media soon became abuzz with videos of Thiago’s goal circulating everywhere. And it seemed to have even caught Steve G’s fancy, the former Liverpool great.

In a short clip that’s been doing the rounds, Steven Gerrard, currently the head coach of Aston Villa, can be allegedly seen talking about Thiago’s goal with one of his staff as they arrive for a training drill.

By the looks of it, Steve G can’t seem to stop gushing about the strike, which is saying a lot, considering the kind of outrageous goals he himself had scored for Liverpool time and again.

Being a Liverpool man through and through, there’s no denying that Gerrard is happy with how the team has improved over the years. But now that he is Villa’s manager and has a game against his former team on 11th December, it surely ought to bring the best of mixed emotions in him.