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Thiago Turn: The signature skill that helps Liverpool midfielder stand out above all

Thiago Turn: The signature skill that helps Liverpool midfielder stand out above all

Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara’s move to Liverpool last season held a lot of expectations behind it.

The 30-year-old played a pivotal part in Bayern Munich’s legendary season, which made his move to the Kop all the more enticing.

Touted by many as the definitive piece of the puzzle for Klopp, who could then begin his conquest for domination in England. However, Thiago’s arrival didn’t lead to the glory that Reds anticipated.

Instead, Thiago failed to shine in a lacklustre season for Liverpool, in part due to an injury crisis.

Nonetheless, the sun shines brightly on the Kop once again.

Liverpool are undoubtedly one of the best sides in Europe at the moment and their title charge looks as solid as ever.

Adding to Liverpool’s merriment are Thiago’s performances this season.

The Spaniard is slowly coming into his element game by game and taking charge of play with ease as he so often did for the Bavarians.

Thus, giving Reds fans more and more glimpses at the Spanish wizardry with the ball, such as the sumptuous strike at Anfield against Porto.

While mostly associated with delicate first touches and pinpoint passes, Thiago also carries a signature skill in his arsenal.

Dubbed the ‘Thiago Turn’, an admirer of the former Barcelona man has put together this video stitching together clips from various games, showcasing the signature turn.

The turn itself is as delicate as can be, featuring a slight body feint executed to perfection, manipulating defenders and turning them inside out.

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