Matchgoer films Antonio Rudiger beelining to join the full-time fight against Leeds

Chelsea against Leeds at the Bridge is no ordinary fixture.

The intense rivalry between the north and south dates back to the late 1960s and so expectations from last night’s fixture were high.

And the game certainly lived up to them as fans were treated to a high octane game, filled with drama.

Leeds did well to capitalize on an uninspired performance from the home side and looked all set to win some vital points from the game.

Standing in their way was Antonio Rudiger.

The German centre-back continues to prove his worth to the Chelsea Board, with whom he’s caught up in a contractual disagreement.

Throughout the 90 minutes, the Blues weren’t at their best going forward. This is where Rudiger’s usual overindulgence going forward paid off.

The German won two penalties for his side at crucial points in the game, one coming right at the very end.

Making the difference in the game wasn’t all that Rudiger did though.

A scuffle took shape between the players of both sides as Leeds players were unhappy with the late penalty.

Rudiger, who at times genuinely looks eager for scrap, was caught on camera by a matchgoer dashing across the pitch running straight to the site of the altercation.

He instantly clashed with Junior Firpo and proceeded to grab the shirt of whoever stood in front of him.

The Chelsea faithful loved the warrior-like spirit from the German, and a majority of them have already expressed just how much they want him to stay.