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Sky graphic shows Thiago Alcantara is a massive upgrade on current LFC options

Sky graphic shows Thiago Alcantara is a massive upgrade on current LFC options

After winning the treble with a club of the stature of Bayern Munich, it is tough for any player seeking a new challenge to pick a destination: but Thiago Alcantara has made up his mind to join Liverpool according to recent reports.

The English champions are getting a world-class player in the peak of his powers, as Jürgen Klopp looks to further upgrade on his midfield options to defend their title.

The midfield metronome statistically provides Liverpool with an extra dimension both in defence and in attack: he looks to be leaps and bounds ahead of his competition in midfield compared by ball recoveries, dribbles completed and interceptions per 90 minutes last season.

Thiago averages 9.91 ball recoveries and 3.61 dribbles per game, as only Naby Keita comes close in both parameters with 9.07 and 2.54 respectively. He is also seen to be a good interceptor of the ball, averaging 2.29 interceptions per game.

Sky Sports graphic via @Eathen_1892 on Twitter

The midfield metronome is rumoured to be signing a four year deal at Anfield. The Brazilian-born Spaniard will look fix their balance and control over the middle third of the pitch, something they have had issues with in the past.

It is a very logical move by Liverpool to go after Thiago’s services, as he seems to be significantly better than his competitors in midfield from a technical aspect: and when, compared to the European and domestic champions in just under a year, that is saying a lot.

After winning the elusive league title after a wait spanning three decades, Liverpool will not be looking to let go of bragging rights just yet.

The Anfield faithful will be buzzing for Thiago’s arrival to Merseyside, as he might just be the last piece of Klopp’s puzzle when he looks to put on an incredible title defence, or in his words, an “attack for the title” once again this season.