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Florent Indalecio – The Newcastle United trialist who quit football for a year

Florent Indalecio – The Newcastle United trialist who quit football for a year

A trialist for Newcastle United named Florent Indalecio has been making the social media rounds recently, thanks to an Instagram upload by Newcastle forward Allan Saint-Maximin who posted a video clip featuring the former scoring an absolutely stunning bicycle kick goal.

Indalecio met the ball flying in from a corner kick with a strike of brilliant technique as he struck it cleanly into the bottom left corner, reminiscent to efforts from footballers of the highest level: despite him only being a young footballer trying out at a top English club, hoping for a career in the Premier League, his biggest career highlight yet if it materializes.

His Story

The French footballer has a background like very few other athletes, having been through a career graph filled with more lows than highs.

Coming through the Saint-Etienne academy in France, he was released by the club at the age of 15 on account of his behavioural problems: and just a year later, he waged war with a benign knee tumour.

That wasn’t the last of his struggles as he went to the United States in search of an employer, followed by a trip down under to Australia.

He took a sabbatical from the game for a year as he worked as a construction worker, but made his return to the sport he loves by playing for an Australian fifth-division team.

For a 23-year old whose career should’ve been on a different pedestal if not for all the disrupting events, it is barely even acceptable.

Whether he will be able to extend his stay at Tyneside is up for debate, but it is definitely safe to say that he has done himself quite a favour with the magnificent effort he pulled off so extremely well.