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Jurgen Klopp faces social media backlash after rude behaviour towards reporter

Jurgen Klopp faces social media backlash after rude behaviour towards reporter

Liverpool gaffer Jurgen Klopp has established a reputation of being one of the more likeable managers in club football.

Carrying a charming smile and infectious energy, the German is usually a hit amongst fans.

However, in recent times a different side of Klopp has emerged frequently, one that can be argumentative and even confrontational.

This is apparent especially during pressers, as the German has now become more prone to hit back at anything that doesn’t tickle his fancy.

Most times, there seems to be at least a slight case in favour of the German, but this latest instance has come off as completely unnecessary.

During his most recent pre-match press conference, Klopp was asked about the unexpected nature of football and whether that posed a bother to him.

The interviewer first mentioned Liverpool’s position at this stage last season and in particular their memorable 7-0 victory at Crystal Palace.

Upon hearing the mention of the game, instant delight appeared on the German’s face.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as the smile turned into an expression of bafflement after the interview mentioned what happened after the victory.

Liverpool incurred some heavy injuries which effectively derailed their entire season.

Evidently an unsavoury reminder for Klopp, he instantly called out the reporter angrily, even saying “what kind of person are you”.

The retort from the German was certainly off-putting and it clearly flustered the reporter.

Even during his second attempt at presenting the question, one which didn’t even include anything offensive, Klopp continued to obstruct and interrupt.

In his third attempt, the interviewer was finally able to finish his question.

Essentially asking if the manager was worried about a similar downturn occurring in the future.

Sadly the question flew past Klopp, who then admitted to not understanding it may be due to his many interruptions, furthering the interviewer’s hesitation.

When he finally understood the seemingly harmless question, Klopp replied with a rather condescending “surprise, yes”.

The incident did not fly well with fans online and many called out Klopp for the ride behaviour. Check out some of the reactions below –