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New Chelsea pre-match shirt with iconic lion badge leaks online

New Chelsea pre-match shirt with iconic lion badge leaks online

The long rumoured gold/black/blue Chelsea shirt has finally emerged albeit in the form of a leak.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Blues’ 2012 Champions League triumph, the kit will be manufactured by American sportswear brand Nike.

Ending many months of speculation, our first look at the kit came to us via Footy Headlines.

Recent Chelsea kit launches haven’t gone down in unanimous praise amongst Chelsea fans, this one however seemed to draw a largely positive reaction.

The kit itself features a tonal shift from traditional Chelsea colours, sporting a much darker shade of blue as compared to the traditional one.

Even darker thick stripes run across the shirt giving it a much cleaner finish.

To add to the elegance of the kit, all signs and logos appear to be golden in colour.

Even the Chelsea badge undergoes changes and is essentially reduced to the iconic lion, which is golden in this instance.

Surrounded by similar dark blues, the new badge is a tidy addition in terms of thematic cohesion.

The Nike ‘swoosh’ logo goes golden as well and so does the shirt sponsor Trivago.

The reason for the appearance of Trivago rather than Three UK is due to the shirt being a pre-match one.

According to the leaks, the gorgeous kit is scheduled to launch next month.

Blues on Twitter mostly loved the new design and amongst the various comments of praise for the shirt, were a few taking aims at Romelu Lukaku.

While the striker controversial saga has seemingly ended as of now, fans certainly haven’t forgotten.

And considering the similarities of the kit with the one of Lukaku’s beloved Inter Milan, it simply was too obvious an opportunity for some trolling.