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New: Minimalistic anniversary kit marks an iconic moment in Chelsea history

New: Minimalistic anniversary kit marks an iconic moment in Chelsea history

There is no better night in the history of Chelsea than when they overcame Bayern Munich in their own backyard to win the UEFA Champions League title.

While it takes one mention of the night in Munich to get any fan of the Blues to reminisce fondly like it was only yesterday, it has almost been a full decade since Chelsea became the first London side to win the highest honour of European club football there is.

The win against the odds is certain to be firmly etched in the memories of the Stamford Bridge faithful even more so now, as a rumoured home kit concept celebrating the ten years’ anniversary of the Champions League victory has been making the rounds recently on social media platforms – and it would not be an understatement to say that the immediate reaction terms it as a smash-hit, to say the least.

It was the notorious football kit website Footy Headlines who leaked the rumoured concept kit marking ten years since Chelsea won the Champions League. The kit features gold emblazoned on the traditional blue of Chelsea, as the manufacturers’ logo, the club crest and the shirt sponsor are all set in gold – while the shirt has a v-neck collar in gold as well.

What makes the celebratory kit differ from a normal home kit is the crest of the lion printed in the front of the shirt – between the swoosh logo and the club crest. The lion is almost like a watermark on the minimalistic anniversary kit – which has been received incredibly well by Chelsea fans on social media.

Some fans pointed out the inspiration from Chelsea’s home kit for the 2012/13 season which employed a very similar colour scheme – gold on navy blue. The kit is sure to bring back a lot of happy memories for the Chelsea fans who have not tasted much European success after their win in 2012, but their recent win over Atletico could very well see that change in the next few months.

Check out the kit concept below –