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Pub photo of Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard ahead of CL final goes viral

Pub photo of Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard ahead of CL final goes viral

A few days ago, Liverpool was in contention to complete the quadruple, a feat that has never been achieved in English football. Two domestic cups (FA and EFL) were in their pocket and the Premier League was in sight. 

But more than Jurgen Klopp, the Reds needed the support of their legend and current Aston Villa boss, Steven Gerrard, and until the 70th minute, they had his backing. Manchester City was floundering until an epic comeback sealed their momentous fate and left the Liverpool fans reeling in pain. 

But they admired Gerrard’s push and fight to hand Liverpool the Premier League title, and it was only fair if Jurgen Klopp repaid Gerrard’s kindness with a pint of beer even though the results didn’t come Liverpool’s way.

Liverpool are bound for Paris, to seek revenge for their defeat in the 2018 Champions League final against Real Madrid and Klopp busted some time out of his busy schedule before the big final on Saturday to enjoy a cold one with Steven Gerrard. 

The two Liverpool legends were spotted by some young Red at a bar together which is believed to be Freshfield Pub in Formby, taking in the warm sun over a few pints of beer.  

If we go by the rule of assumptions, the game between Manchester City and Aston Villa would have been discussed between the two, and with the Champions League final comping up, both Klopp and Gerrard would have exchanged some notes, given their victorious record in the UCL final with Liverpool in 2019 and 2005, respectively. 

Witnessing their two best men in a single frame sent a huge smile on the faces of Liverpool fans who even mentioned that Klopp might have forgiven Gerrard for the loss at Etihad and if by any stroke of luck, Gerrard’s men would have done the unthinkable against Pep Guardiola, it would be Klopp who would be buying the pints for Gerrard for life. 

Whatever may be the case, the Liverpool faithful were overwhelmed by this majestic reunion of their two legends and will now hope that Gerrard sits in the private box at Stade de France, screaming and shouting in joy when Jurgen Klopp propels Liverpool to their seventh UCL title. The pints will flow regardless of who buys them.