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The Steven Gerrard and Formula 1 TikTok mashup fans are unable to cope with

The Steven Gerrard and Formula 1 TikTok mashup fans are unable to cope with

Being two of the most marketable and popular sports in the world, Formula 1 and Football, in recent times, have come together to leverage commercial attention. From Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon carrying the Ballon d’Or to the many link-ups between footballers and drivers, the crossovers have been numerous. 

While meetups or guest appearances fall in the predictable territory, the ever-surprising gift that is Football Twitter brings you one you simply could not have guessed. 

This comes in the form of a viral Tiktok posted by user ‘brewerplayz’, and features Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard

Hailing from Merseyside, the Liverpool legend is someone you might refer to as a ‘Scouser’. And aside from wind up merchants at football games, the Scouse are known for sporting a unique accent, to say the least. 

Take former Liverpool man Jamie Carragher for example, the pundit is known for resorting to squeaks and squirms, including the odd “eeeee, erm”. 

Similarly, Gerrard shares a longstanding association with a long-drawn “yeaaaahh course”, an expression he usually led with whenever participating in a press conference. 

Paired with a shrill tone, the expression became a meme, and the TikTok in question brilliantly uses it to create a parallel between motorsport and football. 

In the clip, F1 cars can be seen flashing by in packs, except, instead of hearing revving motors, you can hear Gerrard “yeaaaahh” as the vehicles whizz past. 

The sound effect has been turned down a pitch to better suit the visual, and the final result simply works. The clip ends with a customary “course”, and the entire package has tickled the ribs of many fans online. 

Whether you find it hilarious or not, it’s certainly going to be the strangest thing you’ll see all day.