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The Truly Bonkers Fine System Steven Gerrard Has Introduced at Aston Villa

The Truly Bonkers Fine System Steven Gerrard Has Introduced at Aston Villa

Steven Gerrard is geared up to start his first full season as a manager in the Premier League with Aston Villa. The ex-Liverpool captain has had a pretty good transfer window so far having made Philippe Coutinho’s transfer permanent.

They have also signed French midfielder Boubacar Kamara, defender Diego Carlos and Ludwig Augustinsson and goalkeeper Robin Olsen to strengthen the squad. But even before the Villans get the Premier League season underway, Gerrad has set some interesting rules to maintain discipline and harmony within the squad.

He has introduced a brand new ‘fine list’ within Aston Villa that has been leaked. The list states some sanctions which will be applicable when a player breaks any rule or is even unable to perform up to the standards. Some strict disciplinary rules include a £1,000 fine for being late for team meetings or walks/coach talks on a matchday.

There are also separate £200-per-minute penalties to be paid for being late for team meetings or coach talks on any other day. Being late out onto the training pitch will also cost a player £200-per-minute. A player also has to cough up £500 if they report late for training. There are also some other etiquette-related rules in place, breaking which will mean punishment for players.

For example, if a player leaves their kit on a training pitch, leaves their plate or cups at a dining table or even wears the wrong attire on matchday, they’ll be fined £100 per item. Moreover, illegal parking or parking in someone else’s sport will cost a player £100 too.

Then there are some out-of-the-box suspensions also in place for players. For example, if a player is late for a commercial appearance, they’ll be penalized £250. The most bonkers one has to be that if anyone forgets to bring cakes on a teammate’s birthday, they’ll have to dish out a £50 fine.

There are injury treatment-related fines in place too. If an injured or ill player is unable to report to the club doctor for consultation before 10 AM, they’d be deducted £200. A similar one is to be paid if they’re late for physiotherapy sessions.

Gerrard has also placed some interesting sanctions to ensure his players are wary during games too. If a player is booked for dissent in a game, they’ll have to give £200 to the club. Moreover, if someone is sent off, they must take the entire team on a meal within four weeks of receiving the red card.

Possibly the most embarrassing fine in place is for that player which performs the worst in inter-squad small-sided games. That would be decided via a vote from the winning team members. But the person who is declared as such must wear a jumper that has ‘I was the worst trainer’ written in it for the entire next week of training.

These new laws are being placed by Gerrard to ensure the team maintains utmost discipline throughout the season. It should also improve team bonding as well as urge players to train hard so as not to come up as a ‘weak link’ within the squad.

Check out the full list below –