Fans denounce bold Jamie Carragher claim on Klopp v Pep rivalry

Long gone are the days wherein the Manchester Reds would battle it out with the Gunners on the last day of the season to earn the title of ‘the Champions of England’. 

There are new kings in town, and the status quo has been apparent for the past 3 years at least. Every time Liverpool and Manchester City clash, sparks fly and fans are treated to Premier League classics. Their domination extends beyond the borders of Britain, and the two teams have participated in 3 of the last 4 Champions League finals. 

Led by two tactical geniuses in Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola respectively, their on-field rivalry is, at the moment, unparalleled. 

Unfortunately, as good as the rivalry has been, there’s a good portion of fans who aren’t impressed.

When suggestions were made by the likes of Jamie Carragher that Liverpool vs City is the definitive rivalry in English football, users online were quick in dismissing any such notion.

The figures – 

Fans backed up their claims by stating the obvious divide between the two teams, as Liverpool have won the PL just once, whereas Pep’s Man City are on the verge of their 4th. In stark contrast, Arsenal and United’s rivalry saw them share 4 titles apiece. 

Where’s the hate? 

Aside from the facts, fans then began romanticizing..hate. Yes, that’s right, as far as Football Twitter is concerned, without boiling distaste for one another there is no rivalry.

Klopp and Pep rarely shy away from lauding praise on each other, and their relationship is more of a bromance than a feud. Mourinho and Pep, on the other hand, the pair didn’t even try to hide the bad blood. 

This was especially apparent during their stint in Spain and when Mourinho’s Madrid crossed paths with Guardiola’s Barca, things literally got violent. 

Despite the lack of spicy press conferences and managerial hatred, Liverpool vs Manchester City remains a showcase between the world’s best. The two titans meet once more, and the result could possibly decide the fate of the Premier League title this season.