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Jack Wilshere putting Declan Rice above Fabinho is another sad show of English bias

Jack Wilshere putting Declan Rice above Fabinho is another sad show of English bias

In recent years, a top tier defensive midfielder has become a rather rare commodity. With most top teams opting to build up from the back, the importance of a presence in midfield who is adept at mopping up mistakes and quelling counter-attacks cannot be understated. 

We’ve seen DMs excel in the past few years and finally be appreciated properly, and one such individual who’s drawn plenty of praise is West Ham United‘s Declan Rice

The 23-year-old, aside from being the Hammers’ prized possession, is also an integral part of the English National team. 

Dubbed as ‘World Class’ by many, Rice’s admirers are plenty. The midfielder was the standout performer for his side during their Europa League tie against Lyon, following which he earned high praise from a former Hammer.

The man in question is former Arsenal star Jack Wilshere.

The 30-year-old, who certainly knows quite a bit about midfielders, took to Twitter and lauded Rice. 

He said, “Tell me a better DMF than Declan Rice right now? Can’t think of anyone can do what Dec can.” 

Many were unconvinced and quickly hit back, one fan brought up the case of Liverpool‘s Fabinho instead. 

Wilshere responded by saying, “Doesn’t have the presence Dec has. Dec can do everything he can and more”.

And predictably, the statement did not go down well. 

Fans in his replies almost unanimously were against the notion. On the other hand, Wilshere doubled down on his opinion and his next tweet definitely came off as a bit outlandish. 

He said, “Busquets is the only one 3 or 4 years ago. And remember he played in a team that dominated possession in every game. Decs job is harder in this team. He could play in any team in Europe. Fact. Lets hope its Arsenal”.

His dismissal of both Busquets and Fabinho’s attributes hinted at an English bias, something of which many English players and pundits have been guilty of before. 

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the fact that Declan Rice is a special talent is undebatable. And while comparisons with the likes of Fabinho and Busquets are a bit far fetched at the moment, the midfielder’s ceiling is unquestionably high.