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Declan Rice’s Hair Transformation Over the Years: Photos

Declan Rice’s Hair Transformation Over the Years: Photos

Declan Rice’s footballing career has been on a remarkable upward trajectory ever since his record-breaking £105 million move to Arsenal from West Ham United.

Rice might be a cyborg in the midfield, but when it comes to off the pitch, he is pretty chilled-out. He apparently is a funny guy who loves to fool around in the dressing room and is an avid Afrobeats musicophile. He is also quite attentive towards his personal grooming and presentation, starting with his hairstyle.

Over the years, as Rice developed as a player, his hairstyle also underwent several transformations. While not drastic, the changes in his hairstyle have been subtle yet noticeable.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit Rice’s various hairstyles over the years.

A Teenage Declan Rice

A video of a young Declan Rice surfaced during his unveiling as a West Ham player back in 2015, and we can’t help but notice his nerdy hairstyle. His hair back then was quite short with slightly longer strands at the top and a neat side-cut. He maintained a relatively low-key hairstyle throughout his early years in the professional game, with his brown hair neatly parted to the side.

The 2018 Infamous Buzzcut

This is the time when Rice took a decision for a change in his haircut, and we can’t say that it was a particularly pleasant one.

Declan made a bold statement by opting for a buzz cut combined with a  medium fade on the sides. This short, clean style became his signature look for several years and solidified his image as a no-nonsense, determined midfielder.

People on social media were quick enough to let their sentiments be known about the ‘Lego Hairstyle,’ and not many of them were positive ones.

2022 World Cup Hairstyle

This is when Declan Rice’s customary hairstyle started to take shape. During the World Cup, Rice was seen stepping on the pitch with a quite different hairstyle.

He let his hair grow for quite a bit and voluminously styled it in a sleek back fringe style or often a textured quiff. The sides were complemented with a skin fade cut. This added a touch of personality to his look while still maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

It was a proper English old-school hairstyle for sure, but fans still found a way to criticize it, tagging it as a ‘1990 tribute’.

His Hairstyle Now (2024)

The English midfielder was unveiled as an Arsenal player in 2023 summer, and with that, he revealed his new and current hairstyle.

The hair got shortened a bit more from up top. The new trim featured a hard side part in a medium fade style, with the rest of the hair brushed to the side and slicked down. He also added a lineup in the side for a neat contrasting partition. Overall, the hairstyle is tidy and suits him quite nicely.

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