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Inter Milan legend Wesley Sneijder looks barely recognizable now

Inter Milan legend Wesley Sneijder looks barely recognizable now

Football fans can certainly recall a certain iconic Dutchman by the name of Wesley Sneijder. 

The name instantly brings to mind a 5 foot 7 magician, distributing precision-tuned passes all across the pitch, sporting wrist tapes while he’s at it. 

The Inter Milan legend was an unmissable figure during his heyday, which makes his current state all the more startling.

Having hung up his boots in 2019 after a remarkable career, Sneijder seems to have really let himself go. Recently spotted playing a charity game to raise funds for Ukraine, the midfielder’s figure has surprised many. 

As seen in these images, the Dutchman has certainly relished retirement. In stark contrast to his playing days, Sneijder can be seen sporting a potbelly. 

And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, the differences remain astonishing. 

The former Dutch international has joined the likes of Ronaldo Nazario, Samir Nasri etc on the list of players who’ve gained a few pounds since their retirement. 

With a glittering career behind him, it’s safe to say he more than earned his break and certainly reserves the right to choose how he spends it. 

Nevertheless, be it ripped abs or a round belly, the man’s class will remain permanent.