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Wife Mina Bonino Responds To Fede Valverde Suggesting He Would Sacrifice Her For UCL Win

Wife Mina Bonino Responds To Fede Valverde Suggesting He Would Sacrifice Her For UCL Win

The Stade De France waits patiently to host the highly anticipated Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Two clubs carrying incredible European pedigree, a true clash of titans with both teams featuring world-class talents across the board. 

Both sides also carry a perfect blend of experience and youth, a certified recipe for success. 

For the Reds, young stars such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ibrahima Konate will take to the field, and for Los Blancos, Vinicius Jr and Fede Valverde look to be certified starters. 

Despite being far away from their primes, these stars have already arrived at the biggest stage in club football, one which many players can only dream of.

In a recent interview with Spanish publication AS, Valverde spoke about the competition’s importance, and also joked about the sacrifice he’d be willing to make for success.  The Uruguayan said, “It’s a unique trophy for any player in the world. I am willing to sacrifice many things except my son, but maybe even my wife.”

Now that’s the sort of comment that can land you in a bit of trouble with the missus. 

Fortunately for the 23-year-old, his wife Mina Bonino saw the lighter side and fired back with her own hilarious retort. 

The Argentine journalist tweeted, “I don’t judge him. If River Plate were to win another Libertadores I’d also hand him over. You have to sacrifice, friends, all for the 14th (UCL title).”

Madridistas online loved her response, and Valverde certainly would’ve drawn a sigh of relief upon hearing it. It’s always lovely when Football WAGs get involved in banter, hopefully we’ll get to see more such instances.