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Tom Holland comes out as Tottenham fan while promoting new Spidey flick

Tom Holland comes out as Tottenham fan while promoting new Spidey flick

As Marvel fans giddy-up for Tom Holland-starrer Spider-Man No Way Home to take the theatres, the British actor’s recent revelations about his footballing preferences have given people a lot to talk about besides his upcoming flick featuring the web-slinging hero.

The eminent American mag GQ hosted Holland for a segment called “Shopping Spree” wherein celebs are given fake money to spend on a curated list of items, tailored in accordance with the guest’s personality.

As the 25-year-old arrived at the sports section of his shopping list, he came across tickets to a final of the UEFA Champions League and, being a massive fan of the sport, added them to his cart in a jiffy.

When subsequently asked about what club he would fancy to watch on the night of the final, Holland named Tottenham Hotspur, admitting to being a fan of the North London outfit. He also mentioned Brentford, who he’d want as the opponent to Spurs because his uncle supported them.

Although Spurs fans would’ve been delighted to welcome Spidey to their fandom, the actor’s following statement made the revelation a bittersweet affair.

Though he’s been a longtime admirer of the club, Holland opined that Spurs may have to taste defeat at the hands of Brentford given their shambolic run of form in the recent past.

Having won a single game out of their last 4 league encounters, Spurs find themselves in a spot of bother as they’ve barely managed to remain in the top 10 of the Premier League table. Holland’s claims might thus have not been much of an exaggeration.

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