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Rapper AJ Tracey Namedrops Wolves Forward Hwang Hee-chan Out of Nowhere

Rapper AJ Tracey Namedrops Wolves Forward Hwang Hee-chan Out of Nowhere

Being a world-renowned club and a Premier League force, Tottenham it’s fair to say Tottenham Hotspur are a well-supported club. 

Among their ranks are also certain high-profile names, with examples being the likes of Adele, JK Rowling, Tom Holland etc. Another such celeb who proudly reps the Lilywhite is British Rapper AJ Tracey. 

The artist has made his Spurs’ affiliations known on numerous occasions and has even met the players. 

As such, it came as no surprise when Tracey shouted out Tottenham’s talisman Son Heung-Min on his latest tune, created alongside South Korean artists NSW Yoon and Hangzoo. 

However, that reference is followed by a nod to Wolverhampton forward, and we’re willing to bet you can’t guess who it is. 

Fans online were similarly puzzled when the track dropped, as Tracey’s verse also includes a shout-out to Hwang Hee-Chan.  Hearing the striker’s name pop up on Tracey’s track was the last thing fans would have expected, yet it occurred, and a bit of inspection reveals exactly why. 

The song itself has a football flavour going on, as even the cover art displays 3 kits hung up in a dressing room. The Spurs badge is emblazoned above Tracey’s kit, while his collaborators fittingly get the South Korean atop theirs’.

Aside from the Footy references, it also makes sense that the rapper shouted out 2 South Korean stars, seeing as the track also featured a duo from the same nation. 

There’s always the possibility that the rhyme simply worked, but we’ll theorize nonetheless.

As for the specific lyrics, here they are –  ‘Flip Flap, Heung-Min Son how I flick that  Big 45 Can’t miss that,  Hwang Hee-Chan how he shoot big kick back  Could you risk that?’