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The Real Reason Why Aitch Threw Mid-Concert Dig at Tottenham Hotspur

The Real Reason Why Aitch Threw Mid-Concert Dig at Tottenham Hotspur

Concert goers who recently attended a show put on by UK Rapper Aitch, probably expected a good time and a chance to rap along to a few tunes. While the show certainly delivered, attendees also became a part of a special moment, one that seemed pretty random at first.

It occurred mid-concert, as the man behind tracks such as ‘Oliver Twist’ asked for a little bit of crowd assistance. 

In this clip from the event, the avid Manchester United fan turns towards the camera and begins to lead a chorus of the infamous chant ‘We Hate Tottenham‘, with his audience being the supporting act. 

‘What do you think of Tottenham!’, exclaims Aitch, and the crowd duly responds with ‘s***’.  As the chant goes, this is then followed up by the rapper asking ‘What do you think s***?’ ‘Tottenham’ was the answer, and the song goes on. When they arrive at the refrain ‘We Hate Tottenham’, the crowd visibly gets bouncy and looks to be loving the moment.

Users online were a bit puzzled as to why Aitch decided to randomly send strays in Spurs’ direction. 

Fortunately, the rapper himself provided an explanation later. 

He tweeted out stating that moment was simply an attempt to piss off frequent collaborator AJ Tracey, who happens to be a Spurs fan. 

That’s certainly going to make for an awkward lull during their next studio session. 

We truly feel sorry for any Tottenham supporter who got caught in the crossfire and ended up listening to their club get clowned on. For the sake of Spurs fans, we hope this doesn’t become some sort of concert trend, because that would just be brutal.