Aitch reveals Man United third kit on Instagram, takes out a City fan while he was at it

Aitch destroys City fan taking shots at the rapper for his Man United connection

Up-and-coming rapper and a massive Manchester United fan, Aitch was having none of it after a City fan tried to spread unnecessary anti-United agenda on Instagram.

Manchester United revealed their controversial ‘zig-zag’ third kit for the 20/21 season today.

The shirt had a bad rep even before the official unveil as the ‘Zebra top’ was lambasted by fans for its incoherent design.

Although, Adidas and Man United might just have salvaged the kit after they roped in David Beckham and rappers Dutchavelli, Burna Boy and Manchester-based Aitch to do the promotions for the new shirt.

Aitch also uploaded the kit reveal promo on his official Instagram account but was attacked by a City fan who wrote, “Up the blues you red tw*t”.

Manchester United fans absolutely loved how the rapper responded as Aitch tore into the City fan with an x-rated message which read, “shut up u blue c*nt I’ll go sh*t on the Eithad twice”.