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The Wacky Reason This Vintage Brazil Kit is Being Sold Next to DVDs on eBay

The Wacky Reason This Vintage Brazil Kit is Being Sold Next to DVDs on eBay

Before the season begins, the adamant football fans have just one thing on their mind — secure the new kit of their club as soon as possible before it’s sold out or the price skyrocket, leaving a big hole in their pockets.

And if all fails, the last resort is to look for a vintage jersey that stands out from the rest. Apart from that, football fanatics also have a habit of collecting timeless jerseys. Like a World Cup winning kit or the kit from a treble-winning season. These are expected to be the most priceless, yet hard to secure.

But a football fan has listed the jersey of Brazil’s national football team up for sale for a price tag of £9.99 on eBay. The away kit belongs to the 2004-2006 season and would have been worn by eternal legends such as Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Roberto Carlos. 

Anyone who is in the business of collecting vintage jerseys would bid for it provided it’s in their size. But the owner of the jersey has claimed that he’s completely in the dark about the size of the jersey that he is planning to sell.

Although he’s found a bizarre solution to determine the size of this jersey. The eBay user has kept boxes of DVDs across the length and breadth of the kit to help people comprehend its size and make bids for it accordingly.

Surely this method is completely unheard of and the reaction from the people who saw this method was nothing short of confusion. However, one user dripping with sarcasm commented that one doesn’t need to panic if they don’t have a tape measure. They can always find old DVDs and place them on their shirts to determine the size. The only problem with that approach would be to find DVDs in a world that has forgotten their use.

No one yet knows whether the owner could sell the kit with his unique approach, but what it addresses is the fine line between genius and madness. For if you are hunting for a particular kit that anyone is selling without the surety of the size, you must find a few boxes of DVDs or else heartbreak befalls.