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Son Heung-Min Comes Out Swinging in a Bold New Promo For Tiger Beer

Son Heung-Min Comes Out Swinging in a Bold New Promo For Tiger Beer

Back in 2015, fans weren’t sure exactly what to expect when Tottenham Hotspur announced the signing of a certain Son Heung-min from Bayer Leverkusen. 

The Korean had made a name for himself in the Bundesliga, showing flashes of the flair and skill we’re accustomed to seeing today. But where a transition to the Premier League is required, doubts are always cast. 

And such uncertainties were also placed on the South Korean at the time, as many believed that Son would be unable to cope with the physicality of England’s top flight, his name eventually fading into obscurity.

Needless to say, the 30-year-old had other plans, not only has Son survived, he has flourished. 

The Spurs superstar recently starred in a commercial for Tiger Beer which highlights this notion, shows his come-up, and eventually his ascent. The classy commercial allows Son to get a few choice words off his chest, and when the South Korean talks, the world pays heed. 

The advert kicks off with the South Korean pacing into a dimly lit locker room, occupied by others dressed similarly. Moments later, a spotlight shines down upon the forward, and a newspaper headline wonders if an Asian will cut it in European Football. 

Son then admits to having had his fair share of uncertainties and unease. Eventually, the tiger inside him roars, breaking away from the rest of the noise, and then the South Korean states exactly what made him stand apart from the rest, ‘So while they rested, I kept going, And turned my smile into my strength.’ 

A bolt of lightning rattles onto the pitch, electricity reverberates around the arena, a display of exactly what Son’s game is all about.

The anonymous Asian seen moments ago is long gone, as now, the name on everyone’s lips is ‘Son’. He’s immortalized on walls, featured on Jumbotrons and adored by millions, as the man himself says, ‘they didn’t see me coming, but now they just can’t stop watching.’

The final screen reads ‘Boldness finds a way’, a message personified by the South Korean, who continues to be the flag-bearer for Asians in European Football. Adverts featuring football stars are frequent, but this one, like the player in focus, stands apart. By showing off exactly what Son Heung-min is all about, Tiger Beer have themselves a hit.