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Son Heung-Min Acts as Peacemaker to Stop Chile Fight

Son Heung-Min Acts as Peacemaker to Stop Chile Fight

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min is one of the best players in world football right now after winning the Premier League Golden Boot last season. But that hasn’t had an impact on how humble and grounded he really is.

Son is arguably one of the most likeable characters in world football. He donated £65,000 during the first Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea back in 2020 and has since been helping those in need. The 29-year-old has done his time in the South Korean military and did so during the Covid-19 pandemic as well.

Not off the pitch, but Son is a gracious and admirable character on it as well. His latest show of exemplary behaviour came during South Korea’s win over Chile in an international friendly on Monday.

Despite a gruelling season for Spurs – in which he made 45 appearances – Son is still fulfilling his national duties. He scored in his side’s 2-0 win over Chile, but it was during another moment that showcased his glowing character.

During the game, two Chile defenders Pablo Diaz and Benjamin Kuscevic got into a heated argument. Frustrated by seeing themselves dominated by the South Korean side, the two nearly lost their heads and came to blows at one point.

Diaz and Kuscevic could be spotted mouthing aggressive words at each other, catching the attention of Son. The two defenders even barged their shoulders, as it looked like things might get out of control and the two might exchange blows with each other.

But Son was quick to get between them to cool down the tensions. He pushed Diaz away from his fellow defender and reminded both that this was actually a friendly game – meaning there is no reason to cause unnecessary drama.

There wasn’t actually any incentive for Son to get involved in this scuffle at all. In fact, if things had gotten too nasty between the Chile defenders, one or both might’ve seen the red card too. That would’ve made things way easier for South Korea to get a bigger win. 

But by embracing the values of the beautiful game, Son ensured that peace and logic prevailed in the situation. The 29-year-old would go on to get his goal in the dying minutes of the game, almost as a reward for showcasing peak sportsmanship.

The Spurs forward’s exemplary actions have even neutral fans. Many supporters from other Premier League or different sides lauded how he ensured that calmness prevailed in the situation, with the South Korean star gaining even more respect from football fans with his action.