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Sadio Mane Makes Good on Promise to Call Senegal Fan after Hattrick against Benin

Sadio Mane Makes Good on Promise to Call Senegal Fan after Hattrick against Benin

Aside from being an outstanding footballer, Liverpool forward Sadio Mane is also known to be an incredibly humble figure. 

His charitable efforts are well documented, he once dedicated a celebration to a fan’s grandad, and you can always catch the forward downplaying his importance during interviews. Success clearly hasn’t changed the 30-year-old, as he remains loyal to his roots, and always makes time for fans.

He once again proved why he’s a class act through a wholesome interaction with a fan before Senegal’s game against Benin. 

As seen in this clip, a fan draped in the Senegal flag embraces Mane, clearly overcome with emotion on meeting his hero. 

He states (in his local Wolof language) the immense efforts he made in order to meet him, even calling members of Mane’s village just to get a meeting. The Liverpool winger then pulls out a piece of paper and asks for the fan’s phone number, before embracing the overjoyed supporter once again. He tells the fan that he’ll call him, which could’ve easily been a false promise and no one would’ve batted an eye. 

But being the incredible person he is, Mane delivered on his word and called the fan after scoring a hattrick against Benin. 

This came to light through a clip which emerged after the game. 

In it, the supporter can be seen on board a bus and conversing on the phone. People soon gather around him, before loud cheers break out after they discover that Mane had indeed fulfilled his promise and called the fan. 

This interaction, alongside many other previous instances, proves once again that Sadio Mane is one of the nicest people in Football.