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In-game footage shows Virgil van Dijk is unplayable on FIFA 21

In-game footage shows Virgil van Dijk is unplayable on FIFA 21

Virgil van Dijk has had an extraordinary past couple of seasons as he helped Liverpool win the Champions League and the Premier League in successive campaigns.

He has been almost undroppable for Jürgen Klopp since his arrival in 2017, with his immense leadership and defensive process: no opposition player had dribbled past Van Dijk even once for a spell of 64 consecutive appearances.

If that was not an incredible enough feat already, he is nearly impossible to play against on FIFA 21.

Van Dijk’s dominance on FIFA 21 has gone viral since a recent clip (at the bottom of the article) from a FIFA Ultimate Team match emerged on Twitter.

It was van Dijk’s Liverpool teammate Mo Salah (try to ignore the United kit Reds) with the curling strike destined for the top left corner from inside the penalty area, but the 6’4” van Dijk blocked the shot by unnaturally stretching out a very long leg and tipping the shot over the crossbar.

Almost Inhuman – Virgil van Dijk stretching it too far in FIFA 21

EA Sports has made the commanding Dutchman almost invincible on their annual FIFA game. With an overall rating of 90, he is the highest rated defender in the game. It is also one of the most complete cards you’ll ever see for any defender ever on the game.

Besides being rated at 91 for defence and 86 for physicality, Van Dijk is also rated highly at pace, passing and dribbling for a central defender: ratings of 76, 71 and 72 respectively.

Mo Salah is himself rated as one of the very best in the game with the same overall rating as his teammate, but it is evident that Van Dijk won that particular battle with quite some ease.

Liverpool fans would love to play with Virgil van Dijk on the game, while FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) fanatics would be licking their lips at the prospect of playing with the seemingly overpowered card on their teams.

Check out the clip below –