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ASAP Rocky rocks 90s Man United kit with Eric Cantona on the back in latest music video

ASAP Rocky rocks 90s Man United kit with Eric Cantona on the back in latest music video

Manchester United have never faced any troubles when it comes to enticing celebrities to support them, being one of the (if not the) biggest clubs in English football history. Even when they have lacked material success on the pitch in recent years, the club’s status as a global institution has remained firm.

While fans might be upset with their American owners for their lack of efforts to create a genuine sporting project since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, the hierarchy has done well to grow the United brand during their reign. Almost every season, Manchester United boast high numbers in shirt sales, followers on social media etc. without failure.

Clubbed with its rich history of titles and records, United have never been short of popularity in the last few decades. Naturally, this has led to numerous celebrities picking the Mancunian side as their favourite football club over the years. WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and singer/actor Justin Timberlake are a few of the big names to support United.

These celebrities have openly spoken about their fondness for the club with small gestures such as visiting Old Trafford, linking up with United players in public places or even doing collaborated advertisements or endorsements for sponsors of the club.

But at times even without such direct shows of affection or connection with the club, these popular figures have found ways to link themselves with the brand of Manchester United.

Sporting football kits in public has been a prevalent fashion statement for celebrities. Some wear it due to their association with the particular club as fans while others simply perhaps find a jersey aligning with their style tastes.

In the past, the likes of Miley Cyrus (Manchester United), Snoop Dogg (Norwich, Ajax), Drake (Juventus) and Mike Tyson (Benfica) have been spotted by fans out in public sporting some fresh kits of major clubs.

With these stars already showcasing themselves in jerseys for public eyes, it looks like American rapper ASAP Rocky is the latest addition to this list.

In the music video of his latest song titled “DMB”, ASAP Rocky has been spotted by fans rocking a vintage Manchester United kit with Eric Cantona’s name on the back.

It isn’t clear at the moment whether the rapper is a fan of the Red Devils or just an aficionado of vintage football kits.

From images on Twitter, it looks to be the 1997/98 home kit of Manchester United which was Cantona’s last season for the English side.

The dark red kit has chequered sleeves clubbed with black collars to top off a classic design. But ASAP Rocky has not just worn the kit but looks to have also customized it with glitter and bling to attune it to the themes of his music.

Although United have moved much further away from their heights during Cantona’s playing years, their popularity has only increased since then and looks set to further rise in the future.