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God Shave The Queen: Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt fans run riot with bold tifos

God Shave The Queen: Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt fans run riot with bold tifos

Another scintillating European football night came to a crazy end when Eintracht Frankfurt stormed into their first European final in 42 years after getting the better of the English side West Ham United.

Frankfurt had a one-goal advantage coming into the second leg of the Europa League semi-final, but the bigger boost came from their fans, who gave a boisterous reception to the German team. 

Flares and crackers were in plenty, with fans chanting the anthem of the club at the top of their lungs. Amidst this, the cameras captured a rather incendiary banner in the stands, which would be enough to leave any English fan in a raging frenzy.

Taking the home advantage in their stride, Frankfurt fans took a jibe at the British monarchy with some ridiculous banter, “God Shave the Queen” in all caps with the sole intention of annoying or throwing West Ham United and their supporters off their cool. 

The English fans didn’t expect such an absurd level of hostility but the Frankfurt fans raised the bar of ‘sh*thousery’ with an audacious tifo that mocked the entire United Kingdom showcasing their bitterness towards the English, as some fans mentioned on Twitter comments section.

Frankfurt more than pleased their fans by winning and storming into a European final, a dream that had eluded them for ages, but for David Moyes’ men, it was an end to a great run in the Europa League.

But a few thousand miles away in Stade Velodrome that ended up looking like a colosseum filled with smoke from flares, Marseille was playing Feyenoord for a place in the inaugural UEFA Europa Conference League final.

Unfortunately, the French club lost a place in the final, but the Marseille fans rose to the occasion with an explosive tifo that rattled entire Europe. 

The Marseille fans went bonkers with their banner calling UEFA a ‘Mafia’ and neither the club nor the authorities in the stadium took any objection to it.

Marseille fans were furious at UEFA after the governing body closed a large part of the Stade Velodrome for the second leg. This angered the Marseille fans who wanted to be present at full strength to watch their team reach their first European final since 2018.

The tifo ‘UEFA MAFIA’ was paraded in huge letters in the stands before it erupted into huge red flares which engulfed the entire stadium with smoke. All this was achieved by the most berserk fans in French football.

This made Marseille-Feyenoord’s game to be one of the most violent matches of this European season. 

We rarely see such tifos in football stadiums across Europe, but both Marseille and Frankfurt fans made sure that their actions echoed across the entire continent. 

The three European finals are now set after the semi-finals of the Europa and Conference League. AS Roma will play Feyenoord in the Conference League final, Rangers will be up against Frankfurt and the clash between the two European royalties in the Champions League final, Real Madrid and Liverpool will complete the formalities of this European season later this month.