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Concept Explores How A Prada x Man United Kit Collab Would Look Like

Concept Explores How A Prada x Man United Kit Collab Would Look Like

Fashion x Football collaborations have gained immense popularity in the last few years, a trend which took off after Paris Saint Germain’s iconic crossover with Jordan.

Influenced by the Parisiens’ success, numerous clubs and their sponsors have tried their hand at replicating the fanfare by roping in various fashion labels. 

This season alone has seen AC Milan sign a long-term deal with streetwear trendsetters Off-White, alongside AS Roma’s apparel drop with luxury label Aries

Other such partnerships have also popped up in recent years with varying degrees of success, meaning that Fashion x Football collabs are all the rage these days.

The idea of infusing a fashion label’s ethos with that of a historic club brings to mind an infinite number of possibilities, which is something that has constantly excited fans online.

Since this relatively recent trend took off, fans of various clubs have been clamoring for their team to collaborate with a particular fashion brand, be it for apparel or special kit designs.

While their wishes may never come to fruition officially, Concept kit creators have bridged the gap by producing gorgeous unofficial designs to feed the demands. 

Examples of these specially crafted kits are many, and they can easily be found on social platforms.

But the one we’re taking a look at today unites luxury fashion brand Prada with English Royalty in Manchester United

Both parties involved are steeped in culture, heritage and success, making this a perfect match.

The kit itself has been designed by artist Aarron (@PresidentLicha on Twitter), and it brings to the fore a truly opulent look. 

The design features a blacked-out theme with a glossy gold shade providing various accents. 

A golden thin-striped graphic runs across the base, while a single thick pinstripe hogs the center of the kit. 

Instead of converging like a straight line, the thick stripe features a split in the middle, one which houses the Prada logo emblazoned in Gold. 

A faint Prada typeface can also be seen on the black base, coloured in white for additional visibility. 

As for the logos, the Manchester United crest gets a thematic makeover, as it features in black with gold outlines, while Prada’s classic inverted triangle logo assumes its position on the left.  

The artist has also incorporated Adidas, United’s current sponsors, into the mould by adding their signature three stripes on the shoulders, coloured in gold of course. Additional touches include gold-lined sleeve cuffs and another golden outline around the round-neck collar. 

Overall, the kit exudes luxury.

The gold-dipped accents add a sense of grandeur to the design, while the Prada-inspired flavor is simply delectable, all in all, this concept kit is a banger.