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PSG are making a killing thanks to Lionel Messi shirt sales

PSG are making a killing thanks to Lionel Messi shirt sales

Before the 2021/22 season commenced, there was plenty of eye-catching activity on the transfer market. Big names such as Sergio Ramos, Jack Grealish, Romelu Lukaku etc all switched to different clubs. 

However, all of these were eclipsed by an unprecedented move, one that left the Football World dazed. 

After over 2 decades at Barcelona, Lionel Messi departed Spain and joined Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer. 

Incredible fanfare surrounded the switch, and Paris welcomed the Argentine in grand fashion. 

Unfortunately, the move has been rather underwhelming so far, as Messi has registered just 6 goals in 25 games. 

Despite the lack of form, the transfer has been a resounding success on the financial front. 

Aided by the lack of a transfer fee, PSG essentially secured a steal. Being an extremely marketable personality, Messi brought with him incredible commercial potential.

The Parisiens banked on it, and going by these stats from the French media, they’ve already recouped a significant sum in regards to Messi’s contract. 

Shirt sales alone account for a gargantuan figure. 

As per reports, shirts with Messi’s name make up 60% of total shirts sold by PSG this season. 

Merchandising revenue went up by 40%, which amounts to a sum of around €60m. 

Additionally, the Argentine’s arrival led to a boost in sponsorship income. With 11 new sponsors joining in this season, PSG’s income from sponsors has reached €310m.

These incredible figures really put into perspective just how valuable of an asset Messi is, on and off the pitch.

Needless to say, his former employer Barcelona will certainly suffer a revenue decline due to his absence.