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How the wife of Lionel Messi reacted to his PSG booing

How the wife of Lionel Messi reacted to his PSG booing

What seemed unprecedented 6 months ago astonishingly became reality. 

Lionel Messi, the Argentine Legend, whose historic move to PSG was viewed as the final piece of the puzzle, was actively jeered by the ultras present at the Parc Des Princes during the Parisiens game against Bordeaux. 

The anger from the fans stemmed from another capitulation in the Champions League, paired with Messi’s lacklustre displays for the French heavyweights. 

Messi, alongside former Barcelona teammate Neymar, were booed from the get-go, every touch led to whistling and jeering from the fans. 

The sight was saddening to witness for any football fan, let alone those who’ve idolized the Barcelona legend. Many fans expressed their distaste for the treatment given to the Argentine, even former teammates offered their support

It’s also worth mentioning the impact the incident could’ve had on the families of the two stars. Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo was also present in the stadium for the game against Bordeaux, and images have emerged of her reaction to the startling scenes. 

In these pictures, she can evidently be seen welling up in sorrow due to the treatment her husband received on the pitch. 

While unconfirmed, Messi’s children were also suggested to be present for the game, fortunately, their reactions have remained private. 

As of right now, a section of PSG fans evidently share hostility towards the 34-year-old, leading many online to wonder if Messi’s future lies away from France. 

If not, can the bridge between the fans and the Argentine still be repaired?