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Who Knew: Fans discover Dan Burn has no ring finger on his right hand

Who Knew: Fans discover Dan Burn has no ring finger on his right hand

Newcastle United defender Dan Burn has been around for quite some time now, with this being his 3rd season in the top-flight to be precise. The 29-year-old also has almost 80 Premier League appearances, yet many were unaware of the fact the Englishman has only 9 fingers until the game against Chelsea.

The revelation came in the dying embers of their visit to Stamford Bridge, right after Kai Havertz grabbed a victory for the Blues with a goal in the 90th minute

Despite all his hard work and efforts throughout the game, unfortunately, it was a lack of judgment on his part that led to the German’s late winner. The centre back miscalculated a flighted ball in from Jorginho, and let Havertz slip away and slot the ball in. 

Right after the goal, Burn instantly hit the ground in disappointment and was soon captured by the cameras with his hands on his face. And soon many realized that the former Brighton man has only 4 fingers on his right hand.

For those wondering about the reason behind it, according to Free Library, it occurred when he was just 13.

Burn attempted to climb a fence with spikes whilst wearing a ring. The ring reportedly got caught into one of the spikes, and his finger got completely ripped off. The horrific incident could make one shudder by simply reading it, experiencing it on the other hand is unimaginable.