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The Original Song Behind the Catchy ‘He’s from Blyth’ Chant for Dan Burn

The Original Song Behind the Catchy ‘He’s from Blyth’ Chant for Dan Burn

Newcastle United defender Dan Burn has been one of the most hard-working, dependable players for Eddie Howe in what is turning out to be one of the Magpies’ best seasons in their Premier League history.

They are currently sitting third in the Premier League and seem to be in a very good position to secure Champions League football for next season. While every fan felt that the club’s Saudi takeover would result in them doing a makeover of the squad with expensive, ‘world class’ signings, the Magpies have been clever with their acquisitions without breaking financial fair play rules.

Burn was one of their first signing in January 2022 and has gone on to make a real difference for the cub. He initially emerged as a promising talent at Brighton and has been excelling for his boyhood club Newcastle since joining them. The 30-year-old’s performances over this season have won over the fans to the point that they’ve dedicated a chant for the big 6’6’ defender.

He’s from Blyth

With Burn playing a key role in helping Newcastle keep the best defensive record in the Premier League – with just 21 goals conceded in 29 games – the fans have shown their appreciation by dedicating a brilliant little chant for him.

It got a proper debut during Newcastle’s 2-0 win over Leicester City in the Carabao Cup in January, with the lyrics going something like this: “He’s from Blyth, you’ll never ever beat Dan Burn, he’s from Blyth…”

The chant has since really caught on with the majority of the Magpies’ fanbase, with fans blaring it out before games and during some matches too. In fact, the fans love it so much that they love singing the chant during a trip to the bar as well.

Burn acknowledged this brilliant little chant after the win over Leicester, saying: “I think any player loves hearing their name being chanted didn’t think it was going to catch on, but it’s quite catchy to be fair – I like it.”

The origin behind the chant

The 30-year-old defender was actually born in the town of Blyth, which is situated in southeast Northumberland in England. It’s a relatively small town with a population of under 50,000. Burn had to work hard to move up the ranks before joining Newcastle’s academy, where he spent most of his youth career.

He made a return to his childhood club after grinding it out at clubs like Darling, Yeovil Town, and Wigan Athletic. The fans have dedicated the chant and created the lyrics which pay homage to his roots in the town of Blyth.

When it comes to the tune which influences the chant, it’s actually the party song ‘Pretty Green Eyes’ debuted by Force and Styles in 1997 – but which only got famous after being remixed by Ultrabeat in 2003. The inspiration for the chant has come from this bit of the song which goes like this: “Together we’re in paradise And it’s so nice You’ll never have to be alone.”

Burn has definitely worked hard to make this kind of an impression on the fans, with his friendly attitude and likable character making him feel like ‘one of our own’ for the Newcastle supporters.