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Tim Weah Takes a Stand Against Racism in the MLS: ‘Dante Vanzeir Must Go’

Tim Weah Takes a Stand Against Racism in the MLS: ‘Dante Vanzeir Must Go’

New York Red Bulls striker Dante Vanzeir is under fire for racially abusing an opposition player during the MLS game against San Jose Earthquakes, and it has left USMNT forward Tim Weah fuming too. The Belgian forward came under the limelight for his shocking comments made at the weekend during a 1-1 draw.

Vanzeir was frustrated at being a victim of many fouls from the San Jose players and lost his mind in the second half. He was overheard making a disgusting racial remark towards an opposition player, one which erupted heated emotions on the pitch and forced the game to be halted for 15 minutes! While his exact words weren’t caught on camera, it’s alleged that he might’ve used the N-word to an opposition player.

In the end, NY Red Bulls’ coach Gerhard Stuber felt best to substitute him and remove him from the game to avoid further escalation. San Jose striker Jeremy Ebobisse later revealed after the game to have heard the racial abuse, saying: “What we saw tonight should not be part of the game. … I know what I heard.”

What did Dante Vanzeir say after his racial abuse controversy?

After the draw, Vanzeir was made to apologize for his action by the MLS side – who released a lengthy state in which the club also reiterated their apologies for such a thing taking place.

The Belgian forward said: “I want to sincerely apologize to the players of the Earthquakes. I will do everything I can to be part of the change that needs to happen in this sport and our world. I also want to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the organization, and our fans. I made a mistake and will take all the necessary steps to grow. 

“I accept full responsibility for my actions. While I did not intend to cause any harm or offense with my language, I know that I did and for that I am deeply sorry. I will agree to any suspension, fine and counseling that is handed down by Major League Soccer and the club. I will use this opportunity to better myself, reflect and dedicate my time and efforts to work with organizations that tackle racial injustice.”

USMNT forward Tim Weah echoes fan sentiment on Vanzeir

The general feeling around Vanzeir’s apology is that it was half-baked and he was forced to do it in order for the club to save face for his actions. A lot of fans are not buying into it at all and there are questions about if a player like Dante, who is open to hurling racial abuse during a game, can be allowed to play further on in the MLS.

Lille forward Weah, who has made over 25 appearances for the USMNT, caught note of this matter as well. He responded to the Red Bulls’ apology statement on his Instagram story and simply wrote: “Get him out of the league simple…@mls.”

Weah is also the cousin of New York Red Bulls defender Kyle Duncan, who might be some of the players on the side to feel uneasy around Vanzeir after his disgusting slur usage. A lot of NY Red Bulls’ own supporters have turned against the Belgian forward and demand that he be removed from the team immediately.

Vanzeir is actually a Belgian international player, having made his debut for the Red Devils in 2021. He only joined Red Bulls in February, 2023 and scored just one goal int here MLS appearances. But it appears after the way he disgraced himself with the disgusting racial abuse against San Jose, there’s likely to be no way back for him in the MLS again.