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Erik ten Hag reacts to his new chant from Man United fans on Dutch TV

Erik ten Hag reacts to his new chant from Man United fans on Dutch TV

After concluding yet another successful season with Ajax, and winning the Erdesive in the process, Erik ten Hag announced his intent to travel to England and take over the reins at Manchester United

The 52-year-old deserved a few weeks off after finishing a lengthy season, yet he decided to get to work again immediately. 

Tasked with fixing the mess at United, the Dutchman will certainly have his hands full and will need all the support he can garner from fans. Despite not having set foot in England, excited Reds have already come up with a chant for their new gaffer.

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly well-thought-out, and instead, comes off as embarrassing. 

The entire chant is devised around the Dutchman’s name, which is similar to the number 10. While the thought is condemnable, a bit more effort could’ve done a world of good, fans online thought the same as well.

And now, fans received a reaction from Ten Hag himself, courtesy of this clip from Ziggo Sport. 

As seen in the brief clip, the Dutchman looks on as the chant plays.

His lack of reaction really stands out, the 52-year-old simply watched on, looking content at most. He let out a solitary chuckle at the end when the chant concluded. Clearly unimpressed, his non-reaction really says it all about the quality of the chant.

Fans online thought so too, and many United fans expressed their embarrassment over the chant.

Hopefully, those at Old Trafford can conjure up something more creative, once the Dutchman hits the touchline.