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What is Antourny? The New Signature Skill of Ajax Star Antony

What is Antourny? The New Signature Skill of Ajax Star Antony

Ajax has now become a recruitment spot for a reformed Manchester United courtesy of Erik ten Hag’s goodwill at the Dutch club. A few weeks ago, Lisandro Martinez paved his way to Old Trafford and now the Red Devils have their eyes set on the 22-year-old Ajax winger Antony. 

The Brazilian is a young talent who possesses pace and trickery to unleash havoc on the wings. Erik brought him to Ajax in 2020 from Sao Paulo and now wishes to see him right by his side in England. 

With 17 goals in 55 appearances for the Dutch side, Antony is slowly turning into a menacing threat that many had hoped for. Coupled with his skills, the Brazilian embodies an attacking peril that United desperately needs. 

But despite his attacking abilities, Antony also promises a certain flavour of skills that are hard to tackle or even imitate. The man surely has a style of his own and has invented a spunky skill that would give a huge headache to anyone who attempts it.

For the lack of a better name, the skill is often referred to as ‘Antourny.’ 

This skill is usually accomplished when one receives the ball and uses the inside of his/her foot, then pushes the ball in one swift motion, doing a complete 360-degree. The person usually keeps the other leg still or performs small hops to balance his/her stance. 

The Antony spin is finally getting traction, but it looks like it’s meant for only him to ace it. He can be seen practising it in the gym smoothly.

But when Antony’s teammate Jurrien Timber tried it on the training ground, he was taken aback by the dizziness after completing the famous turn.    

A few other players were also seen attempting the ‘Antourny’ but it looks like the Brazilian has made a name for himself even before playing for some big names.  

As of now, Antony waits for Manchester United to make the correct bid and seal his fate, and given Ten Hag’s persistence to completely revamp the squad, the ‘Anoturny’ might soon make it to the players at Old Trafford.