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Elgin City Fan Getting Match Grub Ruined By a Wayward Strike Might Be Photo of the Season

Elgin City Fan Getting Match Grub Ruined By a Wayward Strike Might Be Photo of the Season

When one heads to their local minnows for a pleasant afternoon’s worth of footy, they’re expecting, at the very least, a decent experience. Naturally, your standard 2nd division side isn’t going to provide an exhibition of the beautiful game, but still, the teams are always worth watching. 

Elgin City FC supporter Kevin Russell arrived at Borough Briggs with similar expectations, and probably with hopes for his side’s victory on the day. 

Come halftime with the game deadlocked, Russell grabbed himself some refreshments and headed back to the stands. A warm serving of soup and a sausage roll paired perfectly with a rainy Elgin afternoon,  Russell simply couldn’t wait to dive in. 

Unfortunately, what followed simply set the tone for his day, and gave fans a timeless image. 

As Russell chomped down on the roll, a wayward strike sent the ball straight at him, effectively ruining his appetite. The soup suffered heavily, as the cup fell in disarray, its contents flung about in the air. 

The supporter next to him can be seen ‘dabbing’ on his misery, as ‘saucy’ as it gets really. Jesting aside, her reactive flinch truly is a faultless dab, one that we’re willing to wager she couldn’t replicate even if she tried. 

As for Russell, sadly the game’s result couldn’t offer any solace, as Elgin ended up losing 2-0 to Queen of the South. 

Fortunately, better news awaited after the incredible image went viral, catching the attention of the football world. Soon enough, the club itself took notice and offered him free refreshments on his next visit. 

Needless to say, the events were far from what the fan expected. Hopefully, the free food offers some consolation.