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Man City Fan Unmatches After Tinder User Fails To Recognize Kevin De Bruyne And Kyle Walker

Man City Fan Unmatches After Tinder User Fails To Recognize Kevin De Bruyne And Kyle Walker

Think it’s hard to find love in this cold, desolate world? Try being a Football fan.

It’s difficult enough to find someone with a matching set of hobbies and interests, let alone someone who shares your rabid love for Football.

The game is watched and adored by billions of people worldwide, but somehow that number fizzles to a niche community when you step into the dating avenue.

Of course, experiences vary from person to person, for all we know the individual reading this has a football aficionado for their partner. But generally, let us tell you, it ain’t easy.

To further our point, we bring you a brief tale of this Manchester City fan, who thought she had met her match until it all came clattering down. 

The tale surfaced online after she tweeted it out, following which it gathered a decent bit of popularity, the Tweet currently sits at 6,000+ likes. 

Like most catastrophic dating stories, this one too begins on Tinder. 

The City fan came across a local lad, likely after rounds of scrolling, and she signalled her interest by swiping right. 

The lad swiped back and voila, it was a match, he even proceeded to send out an opening message. 

Sadly, the choice of his first words ended up destroying any chances of a budding romance, as he unknowingly admitted to his total lack of Football knowledge. 

He asked the City fan who the 2 men in her profile photo were, a photo she promptly shared in her Tweet.

As seen below, the image is a selfie featuring the City supporter posing alongside Kevin De Bruyne and Kyle Walker, or in other words, 2 Footballers even amateur fans are aware of.

Admitting to a Citizen that you’re completely in the dark about 2 City heroes isn’t exactly a smooth manoeuvre, and naturally, it killed all the interest the fan had in the lad. 

She ended up unmatching with the guy, hence concluding this tale of hope and disappointment.

The fan was far from disheartened by this experience and we don’t blame her. After all, who wants to be with someone that cannot recognize Kevin De Bruyne?