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Antony Downgraded in FC 24 Pace Ratings Shocker

Antony Downgraded in FC 24 Pace Ratings Shocker

Manchester United winger Antony is currently under hot water with domestic violence allegations against him, and things aren’t going right for him in the gaming world either with EA Sports giving him a major drop in a key attribute in EA FC 24.

The Brazilian winger has had a difficult start to the 2023/24 Premier League season with the Red Devils, not being able to contribute a single goal in four appearances. He’s been regularly criticized for not being nearly effective in the final third and failing to create chances for his teammates.

On top of this, Antony has now been rocked by some serious assault allegations from his ex-partner Gabriela Cavallin. The Brazilian DJ alleges that the winger had physically assaulted her in the past as well as threatened to end her life at one point of time.

What drop in attribute did Antony get in EA 24 card?

As a result of this, Antony was dropped from the Brazilian national team squad for their upcoming games. As he awaits the verdict on his future amid investigations into the allegations, the Brazilian winger has even suffered a setback in the video game world with EA Sports downgrading his rating card in EA FC 24.

In FIFA 23, the 23-year-old had an overall rating of 83 after earning a €100 million move to Manchester United. Out of that, the most impressive attribute of his player card was his impressive 93 pace – making him one of the fastest players in the game.

This was probably based on the general consensus that the winger was blessed with rapid pace and his ability to carry the ball forward like a flash. However, after watching him have a relatively underwhelming debut campaign for the Red Devils, in which he just provided three assists and scored eight goals for Man United, EA Sports appears to have downgraded his card.

The key aspect that seems to have suffered the most prominent drop is his speed, which has come down from 93 attribute in FIFA 23 to just 83 in EA FC 24. His shooting, dribbling, defensive and physical attributes have all increased, but this -10 on his speed has seen his overall rating drop to 81 in EA FC 24.

How fast is Antony?

Does this actually mean that Antony has gotten slower from the 2022/23 season? Well, there doesn’t really seem to be any definitive proof on that regard. Antony might not have been able to deliver that many assists for the Red Devils last season, but not many could deny his pace and ability to storm past defenders in a foot race on the field.

In fact, Manchester United themselves named him as the third-fastest player in their squad for the previous campaign. They used official Premier League tracking data to name the 10 fastest players in the squad, with Antony coming up in the no. 3 position behind Diogo Dalot and Marcus Rashford.

Antony was recorded to match a top speed of 35.29 km/ph for the Red Devils, surpassing the fast speed of other quick players at the club like Alejandro Garnacho and Jadon Sancho.

Interestingly, however, Garnacho appears to have a higher pace attribute in EA FC 24 than Antony, with his alleged leaked card showing that he’ll have an 84 pace attribute in the game.

This is even though United’s own stats indicated that Antony reached a faster pace than Garnacho and is a ‘quicker’ player than him on the pitch. With that being said, the Brazilian winger is not the only player from Erik ten Hag’s squad to receive a downgrade in their overall rating from FIFA 23.

Sancho has also had his rating card downgraded to 82 (from 84) and new no.7 Mason Mount has suffered a -3 drop, seeing his rating card go down to 81 in EA FC 24.

On the other hand, their new signing Rasmus Hojlund has received a whopping +8 increase, seeing his EA FC 24 rating pumped up to 75 form a 67 rating card in FIFA 23.

Antony, on the other hand, seems to be dealt a rather strange decrease in his pace attribute that doesn’t really add up considering the stats showing him to be a really fast player.