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Jesus Wept: Twitter reacts to new Erik Ten Hag chant from United fans

Jesus Wept: Twitter reacts to new Erik Ten Hag chant from United fans

After 5 trophyless seasons, multiple transfer market failures, and numerous fan protests, change looks to be on the horizon for Manchester United

A disjointed squad assembled due to an incohesive transfer strategy have managed to struggle on towards a 6th place finish, ideally. 

But of course, 6th place for Manchester United is far from ideal. 

Interim appointment Ralf Rangnick compared the impending rebuild to an “open-heart surgery”, a metaphor for just how difficult the challenge is. And the man tasked with tackling the challenge is current Ajax manager, Erik Ten Hag. 

During his time at Ajax, Ten Hag has proved to be a formidable force, tactically sound and ruthless when required. Considering the dominance of players over management at United, perhaps a bit of ruthlessness is exactly what’s required at Old Trafford. 

Nevertheless, fans are certainly excited by the prospect, so much so that the supporters have already whipped up a chant for their new gaffer.

A bit premature, considering the man hasn’t set foot in Manchester yet, but still, the support is admirable.

However, the chant itself is bland, to say the least, and evidently, bare minimum thought went into devising it. The lyrics use the Dutchman’s middle name for its literal meaning, and a rather lazy chant has been created around it. 

The lyrics are – 

‘One hag,  Two hag,  Three hag, four hag ,five hag,  Six hag, seven hag, Eight hag, Nine hag, Ten Hag,  Ten Hag, Ten Hag, Ten Hag’ 

The shocking chant was criticized by users online as well, with many United fans joining in as well.

Hopefully, the fans can whip up something more original once Ten Hag takes over the reins.