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New leak confirms 2022/23 home kit to feature shield around Man United crest

New leak confirms 2022/23 home kit to feature shield around Man United crest

As we covered in early January, Premier League side Manchester United‘s home kit for the 2022/23 season had supposedly leaked online. 

Designed by German Sportswear brand Adidas, the kit featured a striking pattern on the collar, alongside other variations from this season’s iteration. 

However, some details were still the subject of rumours, including one which suggested the inclusion of patterned sleeve cuffs. 

Nevertheless, United fans have now received a definitive look at next season’s kit, courtesy of an image from an official photoshoot. 

In contrast to the rumours, there are no custom sleeve cuffs present, instead, the traditional red colour envelopes the sleeves. 

Additionally, a shield around the club crest is indeed present, but evidently not golden in colour as earlier rumours suggested. 

Subtle vertical pinstripes run down the shirt, but the shade blends in with the primary red, inside of being white as rumours stated. In place of current sponsor Kohler, the logo of DXC Technologies is present on the sleeve. As usual, the sponsor logos go all white. 

The highlight of the shirt remains the stunning patterned collar. An intricate triangular pattern runs on the collar, placed on its adjacent sides are the 3 stripes in black. 

This final look ends months of speculation for United fans, with the fine details now being confirmed. Many fan reactions will soon pour in, but so far, Adidas’ latest effort appears to be a hit.