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Look: 23/24 Real Madrid Away Kit To Feature hideous S Pattern All Over

Look: 23/24 Real Madrid Away Kit To Feature hideous S Pattern All Over

A few days ago, initial renders of Real Madrid’s home kit for next season popped up online, courtesy of Footy Headlines.

Based on a ‘90% accurate’ prediction, the render featured the traditional white alongside black accents and also saw the introduction of Gold into the design.

A matte-like Gold is visible on the v-neck collar and around the sleeve cuffs, with black logos topping off the look.

Going by the render, Adidas appears keen to add a bit more richness to next year’s kits, and the brand has settled on Gold to deliver the opulence.

As it turns out, the primary kit won’t be alone in featuring Gold, as a leak has revealed that the away kit is all set to follow suit.

Key details of the Los Blanco‘s secondary threads emerged through the German website Real Total, which claimed to have seen the kit firsthand.

Shortly after, Footy Headlines devised a render based on their description, and it can be viewed below.

Right off the bat, it’s a striking look, featuring two shades that combine rather well.

The predominant colour is a dark navy shade labelled ‘Legend Ink’, while the secondary colour is a light gold/Mustard named ‘Preloved Yellow’.

The base of the kit is doused in ‘Legend Ink’, and yellow features around the collar and on the sleeve cuffs, much like Gold in the Home kit.

Yellow is also utilized for the logos, including a yellow-trimmed version of the club crest. 

The most striking aspect of the kit is unquestionably the hideous pattern that covers the entirety of the base.

At first glance, there appear to be numerous repetitions of the letter ‘S’, although there’s a case to be made for them actually being waves.

Whatever the intention may be, it still looks abysmal, and frankly, nonsensical.

Even the leakers, Real Total, called it ‘quite cringe-worthy.’

Fans online were of the same opinion, and the kit largely saw negative reception.

Still, there were a few takers who appreciated the attempt, although even they couldn’t look past the pattern.