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Gary Neville sparks anger with Trent Alexander-Arnold snub

Gary Neville sparks anger with Trent Alexander-Arnold snub

As the curtain closes on another season of the Premier League, it’s time for the yearly tradition, it’s time for the Team of The Season. 

Pundits, journalists, fans, and even EA Sports, all get in on the action and create an XI comprising their picks for the best in the league this season. 

To nobody’s surprise, the majority of the spots have been taken over by the 2 best teams, Liverpool and Manchester City, players from both sides feature heavily in almost everyone’s team. 

And since both teams consist of world-class players in almost every position, there’s plenty of debate regarding who deserves it more. Such was the case for Gary Neville’s ‘TOTS’, as one of his picks led to plenty of backlashes online. 

The former United player’s team included the likes of Mo Salah, Harry Kane, Virgil van Dijk etc, however, there was a rather peculiar choice at right-back. 

Instead of opting for the popular choice, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander Arnold, Neville went for City’s Kyle Walker

Both players can easily be classified as ‘world class’, however, TAA has been a class apart from every other fullback this season. 

Boasting 12 assists in 31 league appearances, the 23-year-old has even earned nominations for Player of the Season, and Young player of the season. 

Neville explained his choice and said, “I think [Walker] has had an unbelievable season and when he doesn’t play City miss him lots. City’s defensive record is as good as Liverpool’s. That right-hand side of City’s defence and left-hand side of Liverpool’s defence are absolutely brilliant and that’s why I have split the defence, basically. I think Kyle Walker and Dias are a better right-hand side.”

Fans online found his reasoning to be unsatisfactory, and a barrage of trolling followed.

It’s extremely likely that Alexander Arnold will eventually feature in the official Team Of the Season, and perhaps a potential quadruple will change Neville’s mind later on.