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Loved the Balmain mules Achraf Hakimi wore at Paris Fashion Week? – Here’s how much it costs

Loved the Balmain mules Achraf Hakimi wore at Paris Fashion Week? – Here’s how much it costs

Footballers making fashion statements is nothing new. Featuring in fashion galas, launching signature lines of apparel and brand collaborations are only a few of the ways football and fashion have successfully emulsified to create a niche for the high profile athletes influencing trends in all seasons.

For a global and star-studded venture like PSG, which has been running a deal with Dior to design and curate their official wardrobe, nothing short can we expect from its glamorous line up to hog the limelight in their public appearances, however, a recent image going viral have been putting curious eyes on the lookout for Achraf Hakimi and his ‘uncanny’ choice of footwear.

Joining last summer from Inter Milan, Hakimi has already cemented his place in the starting 11 with his swift and decisive plays along the 90 yards, but outside the walls of Parc des Princes, he flaunts a unique avatar of a cosmopolitan gentleman who has embraced Paris and the love for fashion in its entirety in all his media appearances.

Recently, in an appearance in the Paris Fashion Week, Hakimi was photographed wearing footwear that made everyone perplexed on his choice as well as the category in which it can be fit. Thankfully, we have managed to find out exactly what this footwear is and from where you can procure one for yourself.

This unique work of art is designed by Safa Sabin, the head of the sneaker design of Balmain, an uber-luxury brand based out of Italy. It can be defined as an evolved design of simple floaters, with a padded covering of leather in the position where the foot rests. A round and covered design made with rubber in an interlinked design, these slides aim to deliver pillowy comfort to whoever wears them.

The mules cost £590 and can be purchased at the official Balmain site.

While the world critiques his choice and draws parallels to another eccentric right-back, Dani Alves, for his bold fashion statements, maybe we should let this pair ‘slide’ and allow Hakimi’s mercurial swift feet to get some pillowy comfort and limelight for a while. Here’s the link, if you would like to grab a pair for yourself.