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From Nike To Gucci: The Fashion Brands That Cristiano Ronaldo Swears By

From Nike To Gucci: The Fashion Brands That Cristiano Ronaldo Swears By

If you thought Ronaldo slays on the football field, you are yet to witness his fashion sense! His skills and his dressing style radiate a luxury aura. Ronaldo has a significant fashion presence in the sports and entertainment industry. 

Who hasn’t seen him wearing his signature long-sleeved jersey on the field? One can argue that Ronaldo initiated a fashion trend with his long sleeves. Ever since then, fans have witnessed Ronaldo’s fashion evolve, not just individually, but also with a billion-dollar deal with renowned companies. 

What brands does Cristiano Ronaldo use?

In an interview, Ronaldo said that fashion has always piqued his interest. With his dynamic and awe-inspiring career in football and the hike in his popularity over the years, Ronaldo started paying more attention to what he wore in public.

Fans have always explored the fashion worn by their favorite celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular figures in the public eye, and his dressing sense and the brands of his clothes have always made the news headlines. 

He has been seen wearing CR7, which is his own merchandise brand. He has also appeared in several media posts and campaigns for CR7.

Other than his own brand, Ronaldo seems to be a fan of Nike and this likeness is equally reciprocated by the sports brand itself. Nike has signed a billion-dollar lifetime contract with Ronaldo. So, Ronaldo is often seen rocking his Nike merchandise. 

Ronaldo can have his Gucci on or wear his Louis Vuitton, he definitely knows how to make everyone look at him. Out of the luxury brands, Ronaldo is a fan of Dolce & Gabbana.

The Portuguese footballer has also styled Gucci outfits that have garnered media attention time and again. In fact, his current partner, Georgina Rodriguez, who he met in 2016, was a former Gucci employee. They met at the VIP area of the Dolce & Gabbana event organized in Madrid. Talk about why these brands seem to be his favorite! 

Prada and Hermès also seem to dominate Ronaldo’s wardrobe. He had gifted a hard-to-find Hermès bag to his partner, Georgina, as a Christmas present. In the  Netflix series, “I am Georgina,” featuring Georgina Rodriguez, fans get a sneak peek into the lives of the couple. Ronaldo’s fashion taste is evident in the styles of Georgina, as her wardrobe flaunts Prada, Chanel, and Dior. 

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing Cartier Vintage Glasses, Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Hawaiian Fit Shirt, Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Board Short, Dior Low-Top Sneaker.

The living legend, Ronaldo, knows how to portray confidence and comfort in whatever he does. Whether it is his dribbling skills on the field or a bold-colored suit to be worn in an event, he exudes style. No matter where he is captured, he is often seen wearing Dsquared2, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Versace. 

Lifetime deal with Nike

Cristiano is a well-known footballer, but also a renowned selfie lover. His self-branding and global popularity top the charts. Now, as an athlete and a world-class footballer, his sneakers and footwear have always become a fanfare for the world to watch. Finding an opportunity here, Nike and Ronaldo successfully collaborated in 2003 on Air Max 97 sneakers that exhibited brilliant designs for the fans. 

Ronaldo’s relationship with Nike matured over the years. From receiving more than 60 different Nike cleats in his entire career to launching a life-long partnership with Nike, his relationship with the American corporation has grown tremendously.

After the launch of personalized Mercurial Superfly football boots that were built to fit Ronaldo’s specifications exactly, in 2012, Nike released a collection that took direct inspiration from Ronaldo.

The collection displayed the two strong sides of him. One being the legendary football player that he is and the second was his posh style. The collection included 3 tee shirts, a polo shirt, 2 pairs of shoes, football socks, chinos, a vest, a sports t-shirt, shorts, a jacket, and a hooded jumper. Ronaldo has paired up the items from this collection for his social media. 

In 2016, after following in the footsteps of LeBron James and Michael Jordan, Ronaldo became the third-ever athlete to secure a lifetime deal with a brand. What’s more surprising is that even with the signed contract amounting to about 1 billion dollars, Nike got off cheap! After this news was officially released to the public, Nike made around $474 million in the first year. If that’s not indicative of the power and influence Ronaldo has on the entire planet, what will? 

The CR7 brand

Known specifically for his football career, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner knows his way around a voguish outfit. His passion for fashion can be noticed in his ventures and collaboration over the last few decades. 

In 2006, he launched a fashion boutique in Portugal that goes by the name “CR7.” He later opened another boutique in Lisbon just two years later. In 2013, he designed a collection of underwear, partnering with Richard Chai, a New York-based fashion designer, and JBS Textile Group, a Danish company. 

His initial business featured jeans with leather pockets, buckled loafers, figure-hugging women’s clothes, and belts embellished with diamonds. He, later, expanded it to encompass a wider range that included underwear, premium shirts, denim, and snazzy shoes.

Ronaldo confessed that It’s often hard to find stylish denim that is also comfortable.” So, he launched his own denim collection so that he never has to compromise on convenience and flair. 

Talking about his go-to jeans, he said that he prefers CR7 Type-S skinny-fit jeans. So, of course, CR7 makes it to Ronaldo’s list of his most beloved brands.

With as much global recognition as Ronaldo currently has, it is a no-brainer that he models for his own brand and is seen wearing the combinations in the public and on social media, quite often. So, going back to our initial question: what brands does Ronaldo wear? We can fairly conclude that Ronaldo is a brand in himself, so everything he wears, ranging from Gucci to Nike to CR7, makes it to the headline.